Direct Mail delivered within 72 hours to your hottest leads.

Programmatic Marketing is an automated marketing solution triggered by consumer behavior to deliver marketing immediately to those with high purchase intent. 

Strike while the iron is hot.

When prospects are actively shopping, we understand the value of getting marketing in front of them immediately.  Within 72 hours they will receive...

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Marketing to create engagement

It's one thing to send marketing to hot prospects, but when your ultimate goal is to start a conversation, it's time to bring in new marketing tactics.

We provide tools to initiate conversations.

Follow campaign performance in real-time.  Get alerts when consumers respond and use the engagement dashboard to communicate directly with customers.

Live analytics and engagement dashboard.

97% of website visitors fail to convert. That's all about to change...

Dynamic Direct Mail

Make a statement with professional and personalized direct mail, expedited into their mailbox within 72 hours.

Facebook Targeted Marketing

Using Facebook audiences, we follow the prospect around with relevant messages to create engagement.

Professional Compelling Emails

A professional email will be delivered within 24 hours of the prospect's trigger activity, making your brand top of mind.

Peer to Peer SMS

Landing Pages


Live Call Center

Alexa & Google Home

Your Anonymous Website Visitors


Turn online activity into offline engagement utilizing highly personalized direct mail.

Your Competitions' Shoppers


Target your competitors' brick and mortar shoppers utilizing highly personalized direct mail.


There are a lot of products out there that pull data from website visitors. Here is a breakdown of how the PiXL technology compares to IP and Cookie based data gathering.

How does PiXL compare?

Want to see how it works?  Request a demo now.